How to save money on your caffeine fix- from Cafe Nero and O2

Coffee Nero O2 Free

I came across an article which tells me that millennials waste too much money on coffee to be able to afford to buy a house. Since this blog is powered by coffee and buying a home remains a life aim for many people this concerned me greatly. Fortunately there’s a way to have your cake (coffee) and eat (drink) it too. And better still, you save the planet.

So if you are always on the lookout for an extra caffeine hit, but don’t want to compromise your home ownership potential, here’s a handy way to get yourself a tonne of free drinks at Cafe Nero.

Firstly, if you don’t have the Cafe Nero app- click through from this link. You’ll start off with a free drink after you make your first purchase. That will get you started.

Nero have a little loyalty scheme which rewards you with stamps each time you buy a drink, and you collect 9 to get your 10th coffee free.

Here’s where the environmentally friendly magic happens. Take along a reusable cup and use this when you buy a coffee to get a bonus stamp. All of a sudden you are down to a free drink every 5 coffees you buy. In fact there are plenty of other coffee shops which give you money off or bonuses for bringing a reusable cup. Costa do 25p off, Starbucks 30p, Ground, a mammoth 50p, Greggs 20p and the list goes on. Ask in your local or see a comprehensive list here.

But- it gets even better. Cafe Nero have teamed up with O2 to offer free drinks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This is a lovely little bonus if you or a family member is on O2. Handily, you also still get the stamp for bringing your own cup, if you scan the Nero app before the O2 app. Free coffee, which brings you more free coffee. 

So say you have two Cafe Nero’s a week. Combining O2 priority with a reusable cup means that in a normal 4 week period you’d get yourself 8 drinks, for around £8. £1 per coffee is pretty good going! 

The app tends to reward you for using it too, so you pick up the odd free drink or bonus stamps which makes it even better. 

Here’s a few screenshots of my activity in the few weeks- that’s a lot of free coffee!

Nero O2 Free Coffee
 Nero O2 Free CoffeeNero O2 Free Coffee

And as highlighted at the start, by using this link you get a cheeky free drink to start with.

Enjoy! The savings will add up to a house deposit in 150 years or so….

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