Slidejoy- Get paid for using your phone

Slidejoy- How to use it, and how much you can earn

There are a lot of money making apps out there and I'm always on the look out for tips and tricks which will save a bit of money for next to no effort.  That's where this little app comes in. 

I’m a big fan of passive income, effectively being paid to do nothing, and I’m assuming you are too! Free money.  I want to tell you about an effortless way to get a few pounds a month, just by unlocking your mobile phone.

Slidejoy logo

The app is called Slidejoy. Companies pay to advertise to you when you unlock your phone. Slidejoy then share that with you. through their app. It’s just one extra swipe to remove the advert which pops up.

The more you unlock your phone, the more you earn. They give you carats, with every 1,000 carats being worth around 75p.

There is also other bits and pieces you can do to get bonus carats, like doing surveys, entering competitions and recommending friends.

OK, you won’t earn millions (although some people seem to do very well out of it as the below screenshot shows).

Slidejoy screenshot highest earners
All time highest earners

But for minimal effort, it's a winner in my book! I pick up around £5 every couple of months, but I don’t do any of the bonus bits at all. So £30 a year for doing nothing differently whatsoever. It ranks as one of the easiest money making apps you can use.

Slidejoy earnings cashback amazon
dough. slidejoy earnings

Download it here, and start earning today. (As far as I’m aware it’s not currently available on IOS)

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