Receipt Hog- Is it worth it?

Turn your receipts into cash

Receipt Hog is an app for, you guessed it, receipts. You take a picture of any receipts you get through the app and it rewards you with cashback. 

Receipt Hog- Worth it? Money making app

But is it worth the effort? How much can you earn? This post will give you the low down on how it works, and if its really worth your time.

How does it work? 

ReceiptHog is one of several money making apps out there. There's plenty of ways they do it but how does ReceiptHog work?

It's simple, very simple, which is good because if it was any more effort then you just wouldn't bother.

You take photos of your receipts through the app (no annoying copies kept on your phone as far as I can see) and upload them. Depending on where you've shopped and how much you've spent get differing amounts of coins or other rewards. 

Coins are the main aim, get enough of them and you'll be able to exchange them for cash. The more receipts you upload, the more you progress and level up, granting you opportunity to earn more and more cash.

Slots also give you a chance to win coins or other rewards. You also get these from uploading certain receipts.

There's also a monthly prize draw for cash prizes, but given the number of entrants, it's very unlikely to ever get anything out of them

How much can you get?

Here's the thing with the app. It takes a while to earn anything remotely worthwhile on ReceiptHog. You need to level up in order to win the bigger bonuses, to speed up your earnings. There is a slim chance you get lucky with one of their prize draws, but probably you'll need to commit for a few months before getting a payout.

Essentially 1000 coins is worth £3. You can earn up to 100 coins per week, as well as extras for linking you email and using the slots you get from some receipts. So if you scan as much as you can you can earn £3 after your first couple of months.

You get slightly more if you wait, 1,500 coins gets you £5. Here's the total payouts:

Amazon vouchers
£3 – 1,000 coins
£10 – 2,850 coins
£20 – 5,300 coins
£50 – 12,000 coins

£5 – 1,500 coins
£10 – 2,850 coins
£20 – 5,300 coins
£50 – 12,000 coins

At the time of writing I've been going for nearly three months and earnt 728 coins. You need to be spending a lot more that I do each week to earn the maximum 100 coins. 

Not a lot so far, the good news is that the weekly bonuses are speeding things up, and I'm expecting more as I progress.

Fortunately it is very easy, the Receipt Hog app is very user friendly, the camera works well and it just takes a couple of seconds to upload a receipt. 

Overall, whilst this falls short of a full recommendation, it is very easy, the levels make it almost (but not quite!) like a game which keeps it more interesting. But it does take a while to get any cashback. If you do keep going then the later rewards look much more appealing!

Pick up the app on Google Play or IOS 

Slidejoy is a better way of earning a similar amount- but there's no reason you can't do both! 

I'll update this post as I continue to use the app- I'll keep you posted with whether it's worth keeping on going! Drop a comment below if you've had any more success than me.

Update- First Payout- August 2018

It is 6 months in- and I've (finally!) received my first payout- a £3 amazon gift card. It looks like the process is speeding up and coins are accumulating a little quicker, so I will stick it out for the rest of the year.

If you're enjoying dough, give the facebook page a follow!