11 ways to earn an easy £50 today (and yes- you could actually do them right now!)

 11 UK money bloggers answer the question- “What would you do to earn an extra £50 today?”

We’d all like to have a bit more money available. What are the fastest, most straightforward, most actionable ways that you could do that today? 
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Rather than coming up with all the ideas myself I put this question to 11 UK money bloggers. I specifically requested things that anyone could do, on any day to earn £50. What are their tips and tricks if they need a bit more cash?

Here are their responses (I've added a Dough Note to add clarity in some cases):

Ken- The Humble Penny- Sell Your Skills

"I'd offer consulting with my existing skillsets. It will cost you nothing and you can start it today! There are many people out there who need guidance or assistance with many things. 

My suggestion is to do a skillset audit and list everything you're good at. And then ask yourself, who can I use these skills to solve their problems?"

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Michael- Foxy Monkey- Use Matched Betting

"Matched betting is a way to benefit from bookmaker bonuses and earn risk-free profits. It's what I do every Saturday to make approximately £100. Many people think it's gambling but it's not. I occasionally write guides about it and report back on my profits."

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(Dough Note- Make sure you do thorough research, and don’t go near it if you are at all likely to end up actually gambling. But matched betting is a legal, proven way to make extra money in a relatively short period of time)

Diamonds in the Rough- Raid the house/Be Musical for Money

"We would probably raid the house for things to sell in the first instance. Most recently we have been selling our old video games either on Gumtree or trading them in at Cex or similar.  If we're lacking in stuff, we are lucky that we both are musical and can earn extra income either through performing gigs or teaching music."

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Araminta- Financially Mint- Sell services on Upwork/Fiverr

"I would pop onto Upwork or Fiverr, find some clients and easy gigs until I get that amount. I usually sell writing and editing gigs, but it can really be anything I think I'm able to do"

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Laura- Pretty Minted- Negotiate your salary

"The long-term solution, that I think everyone should do, is to negotiate their salary. Especially if they have worked in the same place for more than 3 years. It costs more for an employer to recruit someone new and train them to your level. If you are able to communicate your skills and value, there is definitely an incentive there to keep you. This is also a lesson of life and a confidence builder for those who ask (or you never get!)"

(Dough Note: OK you couldn’t necessarily do this right now- but it’s such a good tip it needed including!)

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David- Money for Monday- Sell unwanted items- use several marketplaces

"I'd sell some unwanted items.  Instead of concentrating on one marketplace though I'd spread the add over a few to ensure greater exposure."

(Dough Note: This is difficult on some sites like ebay, but get stuff up on Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and others at the same time to maximise your chances to sell)

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Flint- Money on Fire- Freelance Writing- People per Hour

"I would jump on to People Per Hour and start applying for any freelance writing jobs going, I've got a lot of experience with online writing so would be able to pick up some work easily enough."

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Chiino- Probably Busy- Sell on Ebay or car boot sales

"I would declutter the house, and hunt for things I haven't used in a couple of months (and probably won't use) any time soon. As a parent, there's s constant flow of toys and clothes my eldest son has grown out of. I'd usually stick them on eBay, but if I've got lots to list and I want it gone quickly, I might opt to do a boot sale instead." 

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Leon- Make Save Invest Money- Sell clothes on Ebay

"I would sell something on ebay today. For example, I would sell some clothes or trainers, ideally they will be new with tags, but used clothes also sell as well. This means I could make a sale today and have the money in my account within a short space of time."

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Morgan – Morgan M Woods- Matched Betting

"I would spend 1 hour matched betting. 1 hour of matched betting makes me approx £50 and it’s one of the quickest ways to make extra money."

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And finally....

Sam- Dough Money Blog- Switch Bank Account

"I would switch bank accounts. There’s usually a bank looking to attract new customers, when I did it recently I earned £150 for changing banks. Since my relationship with my bank extends to an app and the internet, I don’t mind where my branch is as long as I can readily access my account. Easily done online, the current account switch guarantee means direct debits and standing orders transfer across too. I plan on switching accounts every time a decent offer comes around in the future. Sometimes using a cashback site you can even double up on the cashback for switching!"

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What would you do? One of the above or something totally different? Let me know in the comments section below or shout up on facebook.