New Years Resolutions- Update 2

How are you doing with your New Year Resolutions?

At the start of the year I made a chunk of resolutions and posted them here.

As over half of the year has passed it is worth updating on how I'm getting on. They fell into three categories- work, smartphone and extra income. 

I won't work through all of the work and smartphone resolutions in detail but one comment on them overall.

Discipline becomes habit

By pushing myself for the first few months many of the areas have become habits and don't even need thinking about. 

Through discipline and determination one can change anything and everything about him- his habits, his outlook on life
Arnold Schwarzenegger said that. Maybe not absolutely everything but too often we settle for what we are like now- rather than pushing ourselves to be better. I've avoided resolutions in previous years- but setting realistic yet stretching targets has helped me a lot more than I expected.

Extra Income

So on to the bit you really care about. How is the extra income coming along:

My target was to earn £1,200 on top of my regular salary.

Here's how it breaks down so far:

Cashback: £176 (Topcashback and some from my home insurance) 

Steady and consistent. If you aren't using cashback sites yet, you absolutely should be. For more details check out the post I did on cashback here. It's not hard, and will earn you money.

Cashback (Slidejoy): £8 (amazon vouchers)

I went for vouchers because you can get a bit more. For the minimal effort I put in it's a useful little extra. Again this post will show you how. There's a bit sitting in my ReceiptHog app ready to be collected too.

Ebay: Sales- £146.14 less Costs £38.70 = £107.44

Not much change from Easter update

Fridge: £70

We moved house during the last quarter and the new property has a built in fridge freezer. That means I have the old ones to sell on. Doing a bit of research online told me to avoid ebay as they tend to go for very low prices there. Instead I listed on Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. There were plenty of others on these sites, most with one fairly crummy photo on. I cleaned it up, took around 10 photos from all different angles, including of the instructions which for some reason I'd never got rid of!

I had loads of interest- I could have sold it several times over. I ended up whittling down as much by who seemed the most genuine and could collect quickly. In the end I settled on £70 and the chap came to collect it that day. 

Bank Account: £150

By changing bank current accounts I got paid £150. By far the easiest £150 I've ever made. It was a doddle! 

The current account switch guarantee means that all direct debits and standing orders moved across. It could be done online (I had to pop into a branch one lunchtime because I'd used slightly different details to my mortgage application) in less than an hour. And the money came into my new account a few days later. And I get another £50 if I'm still with them in a year.

Dividends: £58.80

No change from Easter update

Total is £570.24 should be at £700 by now to remain on track. Going to have to work a bit harder in the next 5 months to make my target of £1,200 for the year! 

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